Art, in my perspective, is mainly a means of communication, a way to transmit emotions, feelings, and reflections on the surrounding reality interacting actively with my audience and stimulating its emotional response. The careful analysis of interrelational and socio-cultural dynamics essentially constitute the solid base on which my creative stimulus develops and consequently my interest in repositioning man, understood as individuality, at the centre of the contemporary debate.
Out of any homologation scheme, through my work, I try to awaken the awareness of a primordial and almost instinctive knowledge about life that resides in each of us. To achieve this goal, I use mediums that are very different from each other, but which from time to time lend themselves to the purpose also thanks to a certain plasmatic nature.
Metalworking has certainly played a crucial role in the path of my artistic training, but I started from time to realize with a greater level of consciousness a total affinity with the format of the performance that makes the contact with the audience very direct and frontal, perhaps reflecting my most intimate nature in a  more accurate way. I think this is the reason that pushes me progressively and with growing vigor to seek, through my works, a total communion between sculpture and performance, in a play of parts, between static plasticity and fluid spontaneity.