Creative Flow Performance

Creative Flow performance

by Silvia Corti  (1 May 2019)

  • wake up early in the morning 
  • dedicate an hour to meditation 
  • take a long walk 
  • continue with shower, coffee, breakfast 
  • when it is still early start to work 
  • feel the energy flowing through your hands and feed yourself on it 
  • abandon yourself to the harmonic rhythm of the repetition of the action, tin, tin, tin…
  • listen carefully… the sound warns you when you are wrong 
  • find the balance in the composition 
  • experiment while remaining focused on the harmony you propose to achieve
  • stop working if you feel tired 
  • take breaks 
  • reflect on what the instinct is developing 
  • allow yourself to take chances to immerse in nature
  • go to sleep, the next day is equally long and tiring