The Energy of Life

The Energy of Life is a project that unites themes related to traditional oriental philosophy to feelings and impulses of research, knowledge and understanding of the world through a vision that transcends pure materiality. Specifically, the sculptures that make up the artwork symbolize amulets, characterized by an almost lunar appearance, each one able to awaken as if by magic one of the seven chakras. The mind-body duality is for a moment mitigated in direction of a communion of purpose that reinforces the idea of a renewed awareness of oneself and of the society in which we are immersed. The latent attempt to dissolve the forma mentis, deriving from imposed education, which condemns us to interact just only with universally shared and uniforming concepts, underlies the whole performance and ironically clashes with the total humanity of our daily actions. What remains, however, is a certain sacralizing vision of life and the delicate balance with which it is expressed even at the formal aesthetic level.

The Energy of Life, 2018.

Steel with natural pigments sculptures and performance.
(17 cm x 17 cm x 5, 5 cm) 
(6,5 cm x 6,5 cm x 3 cm)