In the town where my mother comes from, a small village nestled between Como Lake and the slopes of San Primo Mount, there is a way of saying that new and old farmers often use to repeat: if the earth were at table level we would be all peasants.
As often happens, the popular tradition puts the accent on themes of extreme actuality with its subtle irony; it is undeniable, in fact, that many of us have lost the natural contact with the earth and its generative force. 
In this context, Will is inserted as a work capable of stimulating reflection on the centrality of the man-nature bond, inviting the viewer to interact through a mutual exchange of energies with the installation, in an experience that actively engages the body and emotionality of the public, promoting the development of a social responsibility attentive to the needs of what surrounds us.  

Will, 2019.

Steel installation combined with coal, sand, walnuts, the flower of life made out of steel and apple bonsai. 
(100 cm x 100 cm x 45 cm)