10 DOTS Manifesto

by Silvia Corti (16 March 2018)

  •  produce your art without ever disregarding the relationship man-nature
    and permeating it with moral and ethics.
  • time is not what we delude ourselves to know; but it is the forgotten one
    of the slow passing seasons, of the small alterations that inexorably
    determine the change
  • our society screams and cries in the throes of the most atrocious forms
    of schizophrenia, victim of itself, of its desire to possess and
  • BLA, BLA, BLA …. Artist!? Prove it! Do not waste time in self-
    celebrating, rather do your job. As a guiding light indicates the
    expressive ways that lead to respect and intellectual freedom.
  • let creativity emerge in all its forms; support artisanal production,
    recycling of materials, 0 impact transportation and, in general, consider
    environmental and social issues. In the same way, try to determine fair
    prices for your art and keep them.
  • devotes a lot of time to the choice of mediums, favours the recycling
    one, when possible, and enjoy reforming them. Create harmony
    through colours and support the politics of subjective beauty.
  • TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL! Take time to travel, to lose yourself, to
    understand, to know, to reflect and to rework concepts and
  • concentrate and establish a deep contact with your truer “I”; toast to the
    moments of loneliness because they will allow you to emancipate
    yourself. Never lose sight of this goal, listen yourself, even if you will
    inevitably fall into the degradation of the commercial genre.
  • approach to history and tradition with curiosity, and then rework them in
    your own way.
  • be pride to be a human being regardless of any gender or ethnic
    distinction; make mistakes and then do it again and again, but always
    be ready to sacrifice yourself in the name of justice.